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When it comes to keeping up with the latest in the health industry, Med Daily! wants to be the go-to source. We focus on useful information and ideas that you can use in your business rather than news and opinions.

Please feel free to contact us if you prefer to send your content immediately for review rather than continue to read. info@meddaily.press

Writers who want to be published and recognized are always welcome to apply.

Categories that you can write for us:

  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness

Other than the categories listed above, kindly refrain from sending any irrelevant articles as they will not be published.

Keep the following in mind while you write for us:

Word Count: The word count should range from 500 to 1500 words. The article must be engaging to readers and adhere to search engine rules.

Title & Content: Your guest post article’s title and content must be related to the blog category. Prior to sending the content, you can also email the topic for confirmation. Please choose a title that is both fascinating and appealing. The average time for an article review is 1-2 days. When the content is ready, we will send the live URL link.

Backlinks: A maximum of 2 backlinks could be added (1 do-follow and 1 no-follow). You will receive one backlink if the material is less than 1000 words. You can email us at info@meddaily.press for more information, which will include the payment schedule and any blog-related questions.

Plagiarism Checker: You should only use unique content. After finishing the blog post or article, use the “Plagiarism Checker” to eliminate any instances of duplicate content.